A Visit Home

June 1st marked my 24th anniversary as a Texan. To celebrate the occasion I flew “home” the weekend before to visit my Mom and other family members. The rolling hills of Virginia that lead to the farm where my mother lives are a stark contrast to the flat roads around the Houston area. Here are a few shots from my visit home…

The foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

A Drive around the Farm

Fresh Eggs for Breakfast!


Rectortown Cemetery


8 responses to “A Visit Home

  1. These are beautiful – as much as I love being a born-and-raised Texan, I envy you growing up in that part of Virginia! Your photos really capture it’s beauty and feel.

  2. Wonderful shots. Love those misty hills!

  3. When we drove through Virginia last November on our drive up to New England, I think I fell in love! Virginia is a gorgeous state and the Shenandoah Valley is breathtaking!

    Fresh eggs for breakfast….total envy! šŸ™‚

  4. Leslie Connealy

    Great pictures – especially the Blue Ridge mountains! Funny thing is that now that I live in Nebraska, I live on a farm and have fresh eggs:) Before was just a town girl <3<3
    Miss you – we should visit more often!!! Thanks for sending me here, I will put you in my reader.

    • Funny how our values change..growing up on the farm, I thought you were so lucky to live in town. Now that we live in the metro Houston area, I w would give anything to live on that dirt road again with no neighbors for a mile or so!

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