Endurance and Love

I have friends in Nebraska who are watching the rising river in their area wash away very precious crops.  Another friend just finished a vacation through Glacier National Park and the Icefields north of Banff Canada where some roads are still closed due to snow.  Yet, here in Texas, the almost 100 degree days and no decent rainfall since January is really affecting our precious water supply.  Extremely dry conditions and wind don’t mix well.  50 acres burned near us on Friday.  I know that is nothing like the fires in Arizona/New Mexico;  however, when it is burning nearby and the wind is blowing, it seems just as big.

Lake Houston - a main water supply for the metro Houston area

We don’t usually have sandbars in this part of Lake Houston.  Let’s pray that the three days of rain in the forecast for later this week materialize. 


We took a step away from stresses of work yesterday to help some friends celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary. 

60 Years and Still Laughing

Si and I celebrate 10 years soon.  Spending time with friends like John and Elaine and hearing about their memories makes me wish I had met Simon a few years earlier.

How many years have you known the love of your life?


5 responses to “Endurance and Love

  1. We’ve known each other a little longer than dating each other since we worked for the same company, but dating it’s been 21. That’s a fantastic photo of them enjoying each other!

    We had a pretty severe drought about 3 or 4 summers ago, so I know how scary the water supply can get.

    • Jill, I just loved their laughter as I was trying to take photos. I tried posting a few more photos of both them and the sand bars in the middle of the lake; however, they keep disappearing with the captions all under the first photo…still have a bit to learn.

  2. We’re approaching the 30th anniversary of the day we met and our 29th wedding anniversary is the next month. It has zoomed by, too, let me tell you! I hope we’re blessed with 60 years. What a great photo! Hope you got some rain today!!

  3. Leslie Connealy

    Dave and I just celebrated 32 years of marriage! Can you believe that? Well, dear, of course! You were there at the wedding ( miss maid of honor) so you probably remember!!! But yes, the flood waters continue to cause havoc here in Nebraska and by their end will have taken away so much from this land, so many homes, businesses and crops. We would gladly reroute the water to Texas for you. It’s a pretty big state but we can try to drench you with some moisture. Great pics – you are so good at this! You amaze me!!!

    • Leslie Jo, I’ve been monitoring the news and praying that the river goes down sooner than expected. Let me know how your farm land is faring. I wish you could reroute some of that water our way?we desperately need it. And yes, I do remember that special day 32 years ago when you went from being my friend who was so lucky to live in town to being the wife of a Nebraska farmer! Doesn’t just seem like yesterday?

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