Elfen Graves??

Simon and I took Sophie for a walk through the woods of the Mercer Arboretum nearby.  The lack of rain has really affected a lot of trees and underbrush.  The Cypress Pond area was missing the pond.  The Cypress Knees, which are usually peeking through the swampy water, looked a bit like little, neglected Elfen tombstones.  We may need to start doing rain dances.

I dug, beneath the cypress shade,
What well might seem an elfin’s grave;
And every pledge in earth I laid,
That erst thy false affection gave.

I pressed them down the sod beneath;
I placed one mossy stone above;
And twined the rose’s fading wreath
Around the sepulchre of love.

Frail as thy love, the flowers were dead,
Ere yet the evening sun was set:
But years shall see the cypress spread,
Immutable as my regret.

~ Thomas Love Peacock


4 responses to “Elfen Graves??

  1. you guys really do need rain!

  2. Wow, they do look like little tombstones. I love that poem – I’ve never read it before!

    • Tombstones were the first thoughts I had as we visited the Cypress Pond yesterday. At first, I thought it looked kind of magically and I was thinking “fairy tombstones”, but then I realized fairies don’t die if you believe in them. 😉

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