There is something about the Moon…

that has always grabbed my attention, especially if it is full.  Ever since I bought Miss Nellie the Nikon her 70-300mm zoom lens last year, I have captured a few full ones and posted them here on Flickr.  Last night was no exception.  After a few hours at a neighborhood wine bar near Trish’s house, the full moon caught my attention while driving home.  It was shining brightly as a variety of clouds drifted by, filtering it’s light in an array of tones during my 30 minute drive home.  I popped in the house, yelled hello to the hubby and dogs and went back out to the garage to find my tripod.  I adorned Miss Nellie with her longer zoom and spent a bit of time outside with the clouds and mosquitoes trying to find the perfect shot. 

And no, I didn’t howl while I was out there.  What about you — do you howl at the moon?


6 responses to “There is something about the Moon…

  1. lovely and mysterious! we’ve had too much cloud cover this weekend to see the moon. 😦

  2. I’m so glad you posted that one on FlickR – it spurred me to get off my lazy butt and go outside, where I ended up mesmerized by the moon and clouds for almost an hour. Thank you!!

    • Barbara, You are welcome…If I hadn’t been out for a Girls’ Night with my friend Trish, I probably would have missed it too. We can thank Trish and the bottle of wine we shared 🙂

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