Dreams Do Come True


Created with Kim Klassen’s “Dream” Texture

My sweet husband bought me a new camera yesterday.  Nellie, the Nikon (my wonderful little D40x) now has a bigger sister named “Nellie Two.”  It’s the D7000.   Yep, I did the happy dance! 

We took Nellie Two to Kemah today and found a few sunflowers growing near the coastline.  I’ll come back later and add a few more shots to my flickr photostream, but I just had to stop and share my good news.  Isn’t he a wonderful husband?  🙂


6 responses to “Dreams Do Come True

  1. May you and Nellie II have many happy adventures together!! 🙂

  2. Whoo-hoo!! Congratulations!! I love this photo by the way – you and Jill are really putting the pressure on me to try texture!

  3. Si – you rock! Deb – enjoy that camera! I am sure you will lurve it in a big way! If you want to try my big lenses sometime, let me know and we can go out together! 🙂

    • As soon as I learn how to operate all the additional options I have on this one, I’ll definitely take you up on your offer. Even though I already know I will have lens envy afterwards!

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