Time…making it

So much for trying to publish a weekly post.  My last post was published on August 14th.  Other priorities come first before I can find time to sit here,  edit my recent photographs and find the right words to share with you. Work, sleep, paying bills, spending a time with the husband and the 4 Paws Gang have a higher priority.  Oh, did I say work?   Since I last shared my life with you, I have travelled to Denver, Chicago and Louisiana.  The Denver and Chicago trips were quick 2 night trips each for business.  The road trip to Louisiana with my friend Donna for the Labor Day week was pure relaxation. Well almost…the speeding ticket on my way home was a bit more excitement than I really wanted.

I’m still learning my new camera and haven’t had much time to spend with Nellie, the Nikon.  I didn’t take her to Denver or Chicago with me; although I wish I had.  My hotel was right on the banks of the Chicago River and the larger than life statue of Marilyn Monroe was right across the river.  I saw some fantastic buildings on the cab ride from the hotel to the Willis Tower where our company now has relocated the corporate headquarters.  I know I will be visiting again and Miss Nellie will be with me next time.  In the meantime, here are a few of my shots taken with my new D7000.  I also posted a few on Flickr this morning.  There’s a widget on the right side of this page that takes you to my Flickr photostream if you are interested.  If you want to see larger images of the photos posted below, click on the image.

From my office parking garage:

During my  trip to Louisiana over the Labor Day weekend, we drove through a recent fire area near the my friends’ home on Nantachie Lake.  When I got back to Houston, we learned of the fires that started in the Magnolia, Bastrop and Steiner Ranch Areas of Texas. The lack of rain is really damaging our Texas landscape with wildfires and dying crops/trees and dried up lakes and ponds.

A cotton plant after a rainy weekend in Louisiana:

I knew we were going see a Harvest Moon this month and I didn’t want to miss it. I captured this a day before the official full moon; however, it was high in the sky and had lost all the orange glow before I had time to pick up my camera.

The next night I was late getting home, but I could see the moon on the horizon. I called home and with little instruction, Simon took my camera and the 70-300mm zoom outside and caught this as it came into sight. Not too bad, eh?

One more bit of news before I go. It rained today…not a lot, but enough to lift our spirits for a little while. Keep those prayers and rain dances coming.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


2 responses to “Time…making it

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t take your new camera on your travels!! I know you’ve been busy – but I’ve missed your posts and photos! Simon did a great job with the moon, but I love, love those sunset shots with the buildings. Wow!

  2. Leslie Connealy

    I love your pictures and the gold harvest moon – wow! awesome! I think you should make a living from taking pictures!

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