There is something about the Moon…

that has always grabbed my attention, especially if it is full.  Ever since I bought Miss Nellie the Nikon her 70-300mm zoom lens last year, I have captured a few full ones and posted them here on Flickr.  Last night was no exception.  After a few hours at a neighborhood wine bar near Trish’s house, the full moon caught my attention while driving home.  It was shining brightly as a variety of clouds drifted by, filtering it’s light in an array of tones during my 30 minute drive home.  I popped in the house, yelled hello to the hubby and dogs and went back out to the garage to find my tripod.  I adorned Miss Nellie with her longer zoom and spent a bit of time outside with the clouds and mosquitoes trying to find the perfect shot. 

And no, I didn’t howl while I was out there.  What about you — do you howl at the moon?


Elfen Graves??

Simon and I took Sophie for a walk through the woods of the Mercer Arboretum nearby.  The lack of rain has really affected a lot of trees and underbrush.  The Cypress Pond area was missing the pond.  The Cypress Knees, which are usually peeking through the swampy water, looked a bit like little, neglected Elfen tombstones.  We may need to start doing rain dances.

I dug, beneath the cypress shade,
What well might seem an elfin’s grave;
And every pledge in earth I laid,
That erst thy false affection gave.

I pressed them down the sod beneath;
I placed one mossy stone above;
And twined the rose’s fading wreath
Around the sepulchre of love.

Frail as thy love, the flowers were dead,
Ere yet the evening sun was set:
But years shall see the cypress spread,
Immutable as my regret.

~ Thomas Love Peacock

A Sweet Week (give or take a few extra days)

I want to share a few sweet moments that happened last week. 

First:  Just over a year ago, I virtually met a lady named Barbara on flickr.  She and I have the same camera and we both shared photos in the same flickr group dedicated to photos taken by the Nikon D40x.  Via her flickr profile, I followed Barbara to her blog and learned even more about her and her love of writing and photography.  She and I have developed a good e-friendship using flickr, facebook, her blog, and even just email.  🙂 You are reading this today due to her encouragement to give blogging a go.  Click here to experience Barbara’s way of drawing you into her life.  The whole point of this bit of background info leads up to how this last week started (if you allow me to include June 24th as part of last week) with a very sweet moment.   I had the honor of getting to meet my virtual friend in person, face to face, for lunch.  She was on her way home to spend the weekend with her high school girlfriends and visit her parents. And since that is very near where I work, we met for lunch at the Ashland House Restaurant and enjoyed each other’s company for an hour or so. We chatted like two friends who haven’t seen each other for a while.  I know if we lived closer, I would be sharing time with her more often.  I hope to see her again soon.

Debbie and Barbara

The other sweet moment I want to share with you is how Simon and I spent our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, June 28th.    We agreed no gifts, we are just taking the day off and spending it together.  So when I arrive home from work, late as usual, on Monday night, he gives me a beautiful bouquet of red roses and peonies.  Bad Simon!  But I couldn’t really fuss since they were beautiful.  Tuesday morning arrives and we talk about flying to New Orleans for lunch (since I work for an airline that is pretty easy to do on such short notice if there are empty seats); however, we opt to drive to Brenham, TX instead for the day and not deal with the hassle of an airport.  As I am getting ready, he brings me 2 cards and a small box (oh, he is really in trouble now; especially since I lived up to the deal we made and didn’t spend any money on even a card for him!!)  One funny and one sappy card and a beautiful pendant in the little box! Once again, I couldn’t get too mad, because the pendant was a cute little pavé dog paw on a silver chain. He said something about it being from Penny since she wasn’t here to help us celebrate.  By then the tears were flowing.  You see, when I first met Simon, I told him that my Jack Russell, Penny had to approve of him before I would consider dating him. Well, needless to say, he won over Penny’s heart in a few visits and mine soon after.  Penny died just over a year ago and he knows I still miss her a lot even though we still have 3 members of the 4 Paw Gang to keep us company and covered in dog hair.  Pretty sweet husband, eh? But the truly sweetest moment of the day in the most literal way was:

Our empty cups after sampling Blue Bell Ice Cream at the end of the tour.

We toured the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory in Brenham after we had lunch.  At the end of the tour we had our choice of a scoop of one of 16 flavors.  Yummm!  If you haven’t tried Blue Bell Ice Cream it is definitely worth a trip to a state that sells it.   Come on down for a visit!    On our way home we took a slight detour to Independence, TX so Si could visit a gun store and I had the opportunity to view this beautiful field while waiting for him.

Hay Field in Independence, TX

Not a bad way to spend the day with your hubby and a pretty sweet week, don’t you think?



Refreshment for a Pisces Soul

Born in March under the sign of the Fish, I have always loved being around water. Summers of my college years found me driving to the beach for the day or being a nanny in Bermuda. Once gainfully employed, I rented a beach house in Nags Head, NC each June.  A few years later, I moved to Miami and most weekends I could be found on or near the beach.  About 15 years ago, I owned a waterfront house on Lake Conroe right here in the Houston area.  Sitting by the water, doing nothing, thinking about nothing has always relaxed me deep inside.  A steamy morning shower just isn’t the same thing.

So last Saturday, I was in need of seeing and feeling ‘WATER’.  Lucky for me my husband was off and we had never taken our youngest dog to the beach.  It didn’t take much to get the hubby to agree.  With the car packed, Sophie (our dog), Simon and I drove to Galveston for the afternoon.

Simon and Sophie

There is something about the gently lapping motion of the waves that melts away the stress of the week.

Galveston isn’t the prettiest of beaches; however, on Saturday, if you looked past all the seaweed on the beach, it was a great summer day at the shore.  White clouds, greenish/blue sea, lots of gulls…

Protected Dunes - Galveston West Beaches

Flying in Formation

Soft Afternoon Waves

A Gull Line-up

The Benefits of a Sea Breeze

I left feeling so much better.  Sun, water and the salty ocean breeze refreshed my soul.   What’s the one thing that does this for you?

Endurance and Love

I have friends in Nebraska who are watching the rising river in their area wash away very precious crops.  Another friend just finished a vacation through Glacier National Park and the Icefields north of Banff Canada where some roads are still closed due to snow.  Yet, here in Texas, the almost 100 degree days and no decent rainfall since January is really affecting our precious water supply.  Extremely dry conditions and wind don’t mix well.  50 acres burned near us on Friday.  I know that is nothing like the fires in Arizona/New Mexico;  however, when it is burning nearby and the wind is blowing, it seems just as big.

Lake Houston - a main water supply for the metro Houston area

We don’t usually have sandbars in this part of Lake Houston.  Let’s pray that the three days of rain in the forecast for later this week materialize. 


We took a step away from stresses of work yesterday to help some friends celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary. 

60 Years and Still Laughing

Si and I celebrate 10 years soon.  Spending time with friends like John and Elaine and hearing about their memories makes me wish I had met Simon a few years earlier.

How many years have you known the love of your life?


June 1st marked my 24th anniversary as a Texan. To celebrate the occasion I flew “home” the weekend before to visit my Mom and other family members. The rolling hills of Virginia that lead to the farm where my mother lives are a stark contrast to the flat roads around the Houston area. Here are a few shots from my visit home…

The foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

A Drive around the Farm

Fresh Eggs for Breakfast!


Rectortown Cemetery

Review of Past Travels

A sneak peek of some of my travels that I’ve posted so far.  Grab your passport, good walking shoes or your sunscreen and let’s go…

Across the Pond to the UK

  And around the US:

The Seattle Area



San Francisco



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